Five Cool Things, June 25 2014

1. Games they need to remake: Omega Boost.

A rail shooter for the Playstation One, Omega Boost was developed by the guys behind the Gran Turismo games, and had some serious polish and flash for its time. Mostly remembered for the above video, a live-action/cgi film with the voice of the pilot being famous anime voice actor Stephen Blum. Gameplay was solid, in the style of the Panzer Dragoon series. Yet it’s been curiously neglected.

2. Awesome (and embarassing) AMVs: Thunderpanzers are go! NSFW. NSFW!

Did I mention this was not safe for work?

If you wanted to take a single anime to illustrate everything that is both right and wrong about anime, you could do a lot worse than pick Strike Witches. You have absurd fan service with panty shots galore featuring a teenage cast, but an awesome storyline about an alternate World War 2 era earth where technologically-assisted witches are fighting against an alien invader. This AMV condenses the first seasons high points (andĀ its low points) set to Thunderbirds are Go! by Busted.

Don’t watch if you aren’t already used to anime fan service.

3. Beautiful cover of the ending to World Zvedza Conquest Plot: Bijoumania

Sounds even better on piano than in the ending, honestly. Guy nails it.

4. Strike Squid: Winning the war on degeso.

From this guy’s deviant art page here.


The inkvasion is proceeding nicely. Yes, I’m on a bit of a Strike Witches kick these days.

5. This is how Jumbo drives: Yotsuba in the Red Zone

Don’t know if I’ve posted it before, but yeah, you know you all do this in the parking lot when no one is looking.


One Comment on “Five Cool Things, June 25 2014”

  1. Cool stuff. I am also on a bit of a Stike Witches kick myself (and by kick, I mean fascinated over the better part of a year to the point of becoming a die-hard fan of the franchise).

    Also, Omega Boost looks pretty cool.

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