Weird Manga Of The Day: Scissor Sisters (Not What You Think!)

scissorsisMomoko is having a rough day. She’s just been tossed out of her fifteenth hair salon for failing her interview to be a beautician. She’s sweet, but just too clumsy. She wanders around, and finds a hair salon in an unexpected place; what looks to be a Shinto temple. A group of sisters do her hair, but unfortunately they can’t hire her either. Their shop just isn’t profitable enough. 

But those sisters have a secret. They actually are the Scissor Sisters, a group of hairdresser-inspired magical girls who defend earth against the hair-eating Datsummo aliens. They are the latest in a long line of warriors who protect the hair of Japan. Momoko gets attacked by one, and in order to buy her silence is offered the job she wanted. But can she really fit in? Especially when it seems the Datsummo are attracted to her hair above all others?

No seriously, this is the plot. 

And the title. They really are Scissor Sisters, in that they use scissors as weapons and as transformation trinkets. But considering in the west it’s slang for lesbians, there’s some unintended irony in the title. There’s not a hint of impropriety in the manga at all; it’s fluffy, and with a sweet friendship between Momoko and her best friend among the sisters Mika. The enemies are similar to Ground Defense Force Mao-Chan in that they are big cuddly animals, and they power up into scarier (but still cute) forms after eating hair. Because they eat hair to steal people’s memories and love.

It’s a very gentle parody of magical girls, and risks giving you diabetes from repeated exposure. Watching a team of magical girls take down a giant squirrel with hair nets, shampoo, and a hairdryer is either too awesome for words or too hilarious for it. There’s Stardust Mask, who is the girl’s superior, and each girl is color-coded for your convenience. Momoko, the main girl, is nicknamed “hamburger” because to all the aliens, she smells like a delicious one. Definitely worth a read if you like your shoujo fluffy and silly. 

Rating. Hmm, it’s PG for Magical Girl Transformation obscured nudity. It could honestly be G. Nothing objectionable at all.

3 Comments on “Weird Manga Of The Day: Scissor Sisters (Not What You Think!)”

  1. notleia says:

    I swear I’ve seen a magical-girl-knockoff hentai that was pretty much the same as this, except for hairdressing it was with teh sechs. (And “seen” as in “watched an episode or so out of sheer morbid, train-wreck-type curiosity before I was all ‘that’s enough WTF for the day.'” It was old and cheap, which meant it was entertainingly awful, and for some reason [sleep deprivation, at a guess], the censoring made it funnier.)

  2. dmdutcher says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if one existed. Thankfully this one isn’t anything like that.

  3. nicolemabdilla says:

    Added to my reading list :) thanks!

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