Winter 2014 Anime, Begin!

It’s the start of a new anime season, and one of my resolutions is to watch as many shows as possible from it. So far, it’s been mixed.

The first show, and the most notorious, is “Recently, My Sister is Unusual.” Fans aren’t keen on it, and I have to agree. The idea seemed all right at the start. A ghost possesses the stepsister of a boy, and needs to fall in love with him to pass on. While brother/sister complex anime aren’t all that good, given that this was from the Oreimo guy, many people expected something along the lines of it.

Unfortunately they were given a series that devolves into heavily censored yuri porn at the fifteen minute mark. As well as having a long skit about chastity belts. That even show up in the show’s intro. To say the fan reaction was unhappy is putting it mildly. I think we’ve got a candidate for trainwreck show of  the year here.

Next was The Master of Killing Time. This is a short, 8 minute long comedy show about an average girl sitting next to a guy who wastes time in class in the most absurdly extravagant ways. It has potential, but the animation is bland and on the cheap side, and the concept is good for a chuckle or two. I tend to like these kinds of shows as palate cleansers. You watch them to wind down from full length shows.

I had to pass on Saki: The Nationals. Not because it was bad, but because I didn’t catch the first series, and to be honest I’m not really big on sports shounen anime. I’m going to do the same with any series that started before 2014, if only because I don’t have the time to catch up on them.

I also passed on Seitokai Yakuidomo. Same season two thing, but the horrible, painful Engrish intro where people on a plane make perverted jokes badly made me wince, and reading about it makes it sound like the American Pie of anime. Pass.

Finally at the moment was Nobunaga the Fool. In an alternate world, Joan of Arc and Oda Nobunaga unite to save the worlds of the West and the East. It’s showy, flashy, and a bit too consciously cool for its own good. This gives it a curiously retro feel, and it’s intriguing me enough to keep watching. Whether this becomes the next Valrave is yet to be seen.

So far it’s been all right, I guess. None of the shows really wow me, but we still have plenty more of them to go.

Ratings. Don’t bother with Recently-even with the censoring it’s NC-17, and the ecchi parts literally make no sense in context of the plot. Killing Time was G, with no objectionable content. Nobunga surprisingly was a mild PG, with little onscreen violence. Some Christians might not like the use of Tarot cards as a plot device and for the titles, though.

What titles are you looking forwards to watch?

4 Comments on “Winter 2014 Anime, Begin!”

  1. stardf29 says:

    No Space Dandy yet? The first episode is up on Hulu.

    Most of my most anticipated shows this season are sequels. Silver Spoon, Chuunibyou, Saki… There’s also The Pilot’s Love Song, which takes place in the same world as The Princess and the Pilot movie, but with different characters. Beyond that, probably the non-sequel property I’m most looking forward to is Mikakunin de Shinkoukei (Engaged to the Unidentified), which looks to be a good comedic slice-of-life.

    And Seitokai Yakuindomo is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. Sure, the constant sex jokes can wear a little thin, but they do get a bit creative with it at times, and beyond that, there’s some surprisingly good character interaction in all of it.

    • dmdutcher says:

      I have Hulu plus, but it’s such a pain to use with the commercials. I should check SD out though. I definitely want to see Chuunbiyo, and I need to catch up on SS. I really want Super Robot Girls to come here soon.

  2. Fred Warren says:

    I’m still trying to catch up on stuff from years past :)

    I stumbled across Master of Killing Time in manga a while back, and loved all the wacky stuff he kept pulling out of his briefcase. I also enjoyed how the girl gets caught up in the boy’s imaginative games and begins throwing *him* off-balance with her participation.

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